About the Southwest Michigan Tooling Coalition

The Southwest Michigan Tooling Collaborative (SMTC) was started in 2005 when the 16 member shops formed a single Limited Liability Corporation, each being equal members in the corporation. According to Michigan law, the SMTC submitted an application to the State to be recognized under the renaissance recovery status defined by the State. The application was approved and officially recognized by the State effective January 1, 2006.

Since that time, member shops have worked to share processes, physical resources, and human resources to make each of our shops more competitive with a broader range of service and experience for our customers. Work load sharing has helped each shop flatten the peaks and valleys of traditional workloads. In turn, this has allowed each shop to become more viable as successful providers of tooling and related products or services for Michigan manufacturers, as well as manufacturers in other states and international locations.

The SMTC continues to do things as a group that individually could not be accomplished. Thank you for taking a look at our group, and feel free to contact any member company to see how the SMTC might be able to help you.

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